Saturday, June 18, 2011

To my brothers, who have suggested I go ahead and "be that girl"

...I so am that girl.

Behold, the big, ugly, prickly, overgrown haven to spiders and other critters that has been the bane of my doorstep for the almost two years I've lived here.

In a heap. Because I sawed it to the ground!

And now the sun is shining on my doorstep!

(and if the landlord asks, yes, we "trimmed" the bushes)


Heather said...

Get it Ruthie ;)

Nancy Sabina said...

What girl are you?

Good work on the trimming. Your walkway is too crammed by those bushes.

Kate said...

You are awesome! Thanks for posting about this momentous occasion!

Mom said...

Did you chop down all the bushes on both sides of the walk??

Ruthie said...

Mom - No, the short bushes are still there, like in the last picture. I cut down the big overgrown bush that was poking out from behind the smaller bush on the left. So now you can SEE the doorstep!!!